La fete de la musique

Fête de la Musique, or World Music Day, is an annual music festival taking place on June 21st. In Paris, all sort of music took over every street corner for the day. French pop, billboard top 100, jazz, chanson, or rock, performed by from teenagers to grandpas.

We met up in front of the fountain at Saint Michel. It was a cliché chick-flick moment. He showed up in a dark navy shirt and a baby blue blazer, as if just walked out of a J Crew catalog. I was wearing a coat in baby pink, so together we pretty much looked like colorful cotton candies. The sound of African djembe performance and the fountain was mixed with the yelling of football fans marching through, yet it felt silent as he held me in his arms tightly.

We walked by the river, holding hands with fingers interlocked. Every two blocks there were bands playing. There was a heavy metal band consists of four to five middle aged men with big beer bellies. They were shaking their heads so hard that you could see the splash of their sweat. The drummer was trying to drink beer while performing, ended up cleaning up his instrument with his red bandana. Audiences seemed to be, well at the very least, entertained. A classy lady in her 60s, wearing a beige spring coat and a well-maintained vintage Chanel flap, was elegantly nodding to the rhythm with a slight smile.

Just passed Musee d’Orsay, we heard a familiar melody, Unforgettable by the great Nat King Cole. So we danced. Even though my heels got trapped into paving stones many times, and we weren’t remotely graceful, but the lighting of the ferris wheel at Place de la Concorde and the (finally) warm summer night wind somehow made it worthy of a blog entry.